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The fully automatic cold storage warehouse 24H Frost is one of the most modern generation of freezing and logistics centres in Northern France. We are located in the strongly growing and dynamic port of Loon-Plage, a municipal district of Dunkirk. Dunkirk, the centre of the Paris-London-Brussels triangle, offers a potential market of more than 100 million consumers!

24H frost frozen warehouse


Our fully automated cold storage warehouse will be operational by the end of the summer in 2019.

24H FROST will become one of the indispensable links in the refrigeration chain within both the European market and the export market. In addition, 24H Frost will be “the ideal gateway” to overcome the logistic challenges of the BREXIT from 2019 onwards.


West Port Dunkirk is the third largest port in France with a container & Ro-Ro terminal and with the logistics platform for Northern Europe “Dunkerque Logistics International”. Moreover, Dunkirk is the most important French port for the import of products via containers under controlled temperatures.


  • We are at the service of our customers and strive for the highest possible service levels.

  • ERP & management systems aimed at continuous improvement

  • You do not lose time on transport

  • Open and clear communication agreements are observed

  • We are cost-saving minded and we go just that one step further than the others.

  • You can follow everything closely by means of a Track & Trace system


We are directly connected to the port of Dunkirk, the ideal location for cross-docking. We can prepare your goods for transport immediately upon arrival of the container. This is a concept that is separate from our warehousing activity, but that plays an important role in the supply chain of many companies. We shorten your transport and make it more efficient. We are interested in any concept where added value can be created.

Various components play an important role in our chain in order to ensure an excellent service for our customers. For example, it is important that every incoming and outgoing pallet is provided with a correct label. 24H Frost offers customized labels, if so desired. Correct labels are the solution to a fast delivery and cost savings in a logistics environment.

We can stack pallets at the customer’s request. For example, various customized requests are possible and we work in an extremely flexible manner to meet these requirements. We can, for example, hoist pallets to load the containers to their maximum when loading containers.

When it comes to order picking, it also pertains to specific customer questions and requirements. The system of order picking is a great added value in the logistics chain when conveying the goods. A huge section of transport and time can thus be economized. We will be able to prepare a specific order for delivery by assembling the different products directly on the pallets in this way.

Seeing that we are in direct line with the port, we are in the ideal location to provide container transport to and from the port. This way, we can collect the empty containers ourselves at the port, load them at our depot and deliver the full containers back at the port. You therefore do not have to concern yourself about this and save a lot of time and transport costs.

We can do the necessary paperwork and declaration work for the import, export and transit of your goods.

In order to optimally load your container, you can reduce the weight by transporting your load without pallets. This way, we can remove the pallets when loading without jeopardizing the safety of your load. In addition, you will also save transport costs in this manner.



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